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LivingSocial Coupon Code! Save 15% For Back to School!!

You may be enjoying the last few weeks of summer, but don't forget to make sure your kids' are classroom ready. Take advantage the Back to ...

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Giveaway! Win a $300 Sephora Gift Card!!

Who’s ready for another fabulous giveaway? This time we’re giving away a gift card to one of my favorite places to stock up on beauty ...

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Superpoints IS BACK!!! Earn FREE Gift Cards Easy!!!

Remember this guy?  We all were sad when he went away in 2013, BUT HE'S BACK!!! That's right!  Superpoints is BACK!  Superpoints was one of my ...

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Get Your Coupons Organized for 2014!

Coupon Binders are a great way to keep your coupons organized. I just went through mine yesterday and purged all of the expired coupons and ...

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Easy Ways To Earn Free Gift Cards & Cash!! Start Saving For The Holidays!!

  You guys know that I love earning free Amazon, PayPal and store gift cards by completing activities from various Rewards Programs. For just a little ...

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Must Have Smartphone Apps for Couponers! All FREE!!

If you have a smartphone, then you know that there's an app for everything.  This is also true in the world of couponing.  A Smartphone ...

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iRazoo: Win Free Gift Cards!

I’ve found another way to earn free Gift Cards by searching the internet! iRazoo is very similar to Swagbucks, in that you earn points by searching, using coupons, completing tasks and special offers, and taking surveys.

I’ve been using iRazoo for a while now, and it is a very simplified version of Swagbucks. The website itself isn’t as sophisticated as Swagbucks is, and there aren’t as many prizes, but it’s virtually the same thing.

The $5 Amazon Gift Card is only 3000 points on iRazoo, which sounds like a lot, but the offers are worth much higher points. You get 5 points a day just for visiting the Special Offers page, even if you don’t do an offer. Also, you can win by searching up to 13 times per day, even immediate back to back wins! Most search wins are around 14 points or so, but about once a week, I’ll get a win that’s 59-97 points. There are also codes out occasionally, and they are usually worth between 15-20, although sometimes, they are worth 50! These codes are found on the iRazoo Facebook Page, and they are usually good for 24 hours! If you refer your friends, you get matched for their searches, up to their first 3,000 points.

I don’t do iRazoo as hard core as I do Superpoints and Swagbucks, but I do make sure that I visit the special offers page each day and search and one to two times a day. Doing this, I get a $5 Amazon Gift Card every 3 weeks or so. If I was more serious about it, I could probably do it faster. This is a good option for those of you who max out on gift cards at Swagbucks every month.

Sign up here today and get 50 points to start!!

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